What is on my mind


I was diagnosed in 2010 as having a type of cancer, I don’t know if you have or will have

cancer,but odds are at some point in your life there is a possibility you or someone you know, or

have met will develop cancer. I have been dealing with that reality, and i have to tell you when

I was a young teenager i began to encounter others who were affected by this disease.

I learned two medical options available to treat  people who have cancer.

Radiation, and it has been approved by the medical professionals , and I have met people that

have told me personally that their life was saved due to the radiation treatment.

I have also learned that chemo treatment has been improved and that people who have  been 

diagnosed with cancer have been giving a fighting chance .

Personally i feel that it needs to be told and shared with others and not just in commercials

that there is in fact a cure for cancer.

I know people who have had chemo and appear to be just as normal and functional as anyone

else. Reality is that this is very personal, and because others fear cancer so much, I have also 

learned that how we think has a greater effect than what we can process using our own 

understanding. I met some people who assured me that having cancer was nothing to be

overly concerned about. I had to agree based upon what I had experienced myself.

I was diagnosed with cancer, and distinctly remember being told by doctors and I quote

” by what I can see it looks like you have a type of cancer” they continued to say in order

to protect themselves ” I can not positively say that it is this until more test are run”

Three months later I have a bone marrow opsi performed which proves that i do in fact have

the kind of cancer believed to have been discovered.

Out of fear and confusion I decided that the internet would be a viable source of information.

I was certain that there must be someone in all these years that had passed who had by the 

mercies of God discovered a cure for the disease called Leukemia.

I however am not licensed or educated with years of information and analysis taught to me by

a college professor.I must rely on the belief that in this world there has to be evidence of a cure.

I found the information I was looking for, and throughout the years have learned some amazing 

facts.  There has been women cured from breast cancer, there have been people cured from

kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, people cured from tumors. There are so many medical 

terminologies used to keep the uneducated people confused. 

I read that some people due to a certain type of diet did not develop cancer, I learned that

the kinds of food I eat can increase and strengthen the increase the manufacturing of more 

cancer cells in the human body. White sugar is said to be the worst ingredient in any diet.

The good news is that we do have a replacement, a new discovery, a substitute that is natural

and can be a step in the prevention of the development of cancer. The human blood is 

so important, and we should take care of our blood. Drink liquids that are absorbed easily into

the blood stream. My question to my readers is , other than bone marrow replacement , is there

a way to fortify the bone marrow. Education teaches us that the white and red blood cells are

formed from a persons bone marrow. Is this a true statement?

Next if you should learn that you have cancer what would you do to save your life?

Remember once you have been diagnosed with cancer it is very difficult to find any Insurance

company that will accept you into their program. 

I wonder if our Presidents health plan has made a provision for those people diagnosed with 

what is defined as an incurable disease?






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