What is on my mind

What is on my mind.

I know the confusion , the fear , the denial , of  having been diagnosed with having cancer.

This is so important that you take care of yourself, because some days you will feel young and vibrant,but other days you

will feel pains in your legs , arms, and chest in your mind you will try to maintain control of your thoughts try not to panic.

If you feel you might be having a heart attack by all means you should take it seriously and call 911.

Be careful to make sure it is an emergency before dialing 911, because it is illegal to use this number accept for an


Just never accept that your case is hopeless, keep believing you will get better, believe it no matter what you feel or what

thoughts come into your mind.

I panicked the first time I heard that I had cancer,but now I laugh at my reaction. I believe that depending on how you

think depends on how long you will live, and the quality of life you will live.

If you know for sure that you have little time , then I advize you to make peace as much as is possible before you face the

end. Ask for forgiveness if you know in your heart  that you offended someone. You may not believe it but , you are likely to

live longer if you do , and you will have the peace of knowing you did what was right in the end.

The Good News  You can live and you can be cured from the disease that works from deep within.

Others have been cured , others have recovered , others continue to live and are able to continue as before.

Thank God for Sincere Doctors, who value human life, and have committed their time to do what has to be done in order

that we can regain our health and continue to live our lives with the ones we know and love.



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